Comprised of superior quality lubricants and specifically engineered to Kawasaki's highest standards, the new Kawasaki Performance oils line includes full synthetic, semi synthetic and mineral based formulations in multiple grades of motorcycle oils, plus New ATV/UTV and PWC formulations. Significant improvements have been made across the entire line. The results include mineral based formulations that deliver enhanced thermal stability, improved sheer resistance, increased viscosity stability and increased anti-wear additives. Also the latest Semi and Full Synthetic engine lubricants based on modern polyalphaolefins and esters. This is not a simple rebranding of the old product, but an entirely new line of superior quality modern power sports engine oils.

Ask your Kawasaki dealer for the genuine Kawasaki Performance oils and chemicals and ensure your Kawasaki is using a factory approved oil to ensure best protection. Kawasaki Performance Chemicals such as cleaners and polish are also available.

Formulations available for Dirt Bikes, Race Bikes, Street Bikes, Jet Skis or ATVs

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