Kawasaki Team 38 / Bonneville Speed Week 2016
Team 38 hit the salt for Bonneville Speed Week to take on their personal goal of 220mph. While the record had been set at 240mph, the team quickly found that this year’s salt conditions would not allow for an all-out record attempt.

Fueled by adrenaline and passion to succeed, Yamashita-san and Team 38 spent a week in the mecca of speed for run after run on the challenging surface conditions. Every optimisation was a trial. Every run Yamashita-san put his life on the line for a shot at glory on the Ninja H2R.

With 209 as the last recorded speed on Thursday, Team 38 stood in line on Friday morning for one last run. Yamashita-san howled down the track and flew by the Mile 4 marker at 220.065mph, beating the Team 38 goal.

Team 38 will take all of the data captured to help unlock the full potential of the Ninja H2R and perhaps make another run at the salt.

Check out their adventure here

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